Adding an Event Session

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Adding session players

Session Player details
  • Choose the group that your session will sit under
  • Click the + plus icon on the event group and add your session player
  • Complete the title & description
  • Select the session player type
  • Add the specific session player content
  • Choose a session player image

💡TIP - you can upload your event logo here, or you can create a different graphic to represent each session

  • Select the start & end time
Replay Events
  • If you toggle this ON, once your session has reach the scheduled end time, it will drop to the bottom of the schedule under 'sessions which have finished'
  • If you toggle this OFF, the session will not appear in the schedule after the end time has passed

💡TIP -  Extend the longevity of your event and increase ROI by recording your sessions and continuing to sell tickets for as long as you like. Capitalise on at least a 20%  increase on ticket sales, after the event date (based on previous event data)

Pinned Sessions
  • If turned on, this will list the session in the 'Pinned Events' section in the lobby

💡TIP - We recommend pinning your most important information, perhaps an event brochure or any 'how to' guides.

  • To add a moderator, they must already be added as a presenter/moderator in your 'Event Hosts' section
  • Your moderator will not appear on the schedule or session stage
  • Please note, only the Reattendance Stream requires a moderator
  • To add a presenter, they must already be added as a presenter/moderator in your 'Event Hosts' section
  • Their icon and bio's will appear in both the schedule and inside the session stage
  • You can either upload an image for them, or wait until they login to the platform and complete their own business card
Physical Room Labels
  • Room labels is only be available for Hybrid & in-person events
  • Adding a room will give each session a room tag in the schedule so that your physical guests in the venue can see where sessions are taking place from their digital schedule
Custom Buttons
  • Buttons allows you to add custom URL's to your session stage
  • They will appear at the bottom of your session player
  • You can have an unlimited number of buttons

💡TIP - custom buttons are handy if you have supporting materials for sessions

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