Event Sessions Overview

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Session Players are your individual blocks of content. Using different types of session you can build completely bespoke events as you require.

Types of session players

Pre-recorded videos

Upload an MP4 video or embed a video externally from YouTube or Vimeo. Simply copy and paste the share URL from the external site. The video will auto play when the attendee enters the session.

Reattendance stream

This is a built in streaming service with no need for any external input, or external services. Your moderator can start and stop the broadcast, toggle the presenter layout and stop the stream. No additional software is needed, as the moderator or presenter you can sit backstage before the broadcast has gone live to test the presentation and connections. You can also invite attendees live into the stream from the live attendee list of from the Q&A chat.

External stream

Go live via YouTube or Vimeo and allow your audience to watch in Reattendance by copying and pasting the embed code


Create yourself any page of content to display to your attendees using HTML. This is useful for displaying images, brochures or hyperlinks.


Connect any streaming service that uses RTMP technology, for example, Stream Yard. When selected, this session player will provide your with the URL and stream key for input into any RTMP based 3rd party software.


Embed an iFrame into a session for complete control of your own content within the session itself.

💡TIP - All session players are scheduled for certain times, however they are not restricted. If you set a pre-recorded session to start later in the day, attendees can access this at any time if they want to and watch the video. Uploading pre-recorded videos is recommended for on-demand content.

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