Adding an Expo Team Member

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Expo team members

You can assign exhibition team members to all expo booths. During the live event, they will be seen on the stand and available for attendees to request 1-1 calls with. Once assigned to their booth, they will also be granted access prior to the event start date in order to populate their stand. 

💡Tip - You can assign multiple expo team members per stand

  1. Make sure the Expo Team Member you would like to add has already been uploaded into a ticket. This ensures they will appear in the drop down list, so you can select their account.
  2. Go to your event hosts section
  3. Add a new host
  4. Select the ticket holder from the dropdown list
  5. Select the host type (Expo Team Member)
  6. Type in their display name
  7. Type in the host's biography
  8. You can also add the host's profile photo here for them, or you can wait until they log into the platform and complete their own business card
  9. Once you've added them as a host, go to the relevant stand in the event builder and select them as a Company Team Member, which gives them edits rights and enables them to be seen in Talk To Us Live

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