Networking: Rooms

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Start discussions, join conversations or take part in breakout sessions using our interactive networking rooms.

💡TIP - When using Reattendance, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Finding the networking rooms

  • If you are heading to the networking area for the first time, when you click on ‘Networking’ on your navigation bar, it will take you to the schedule. You will need to find the networking session you would like to join in the schedule (as there may be multiple)
  • Select 'Join Event' on the networking session in your schedule
  • Turn your networking switch on (top left hand corner)

Joining a networking room

  • You'll see various rooms once inside the area. Simply click ‘Join Room’ and you will be put into a video call with other delegates. Don’t be shy, just join a room and start making connections! 
  • If you want to, you can create your own networking room. Perhaps you want to start a discussion with other delegates about what you are learning at the conference? You can click ‘Add Room’ and give it a name and description. Join your room and wait for other delegates to join you (if you can't see this option, then event owner has not enabled this feature)
  • If you see other peoples photos in the grey circles, then it means they are currently in that room, so you can join them if there is space.
  • Networking rooms hold a maximum of 9 attendees, you will see when the rooms are full
  • Inside the networking room call, you have the option to turn your camera and microphone on and off, when required. You can also share your screen, change the way you view other delegates, set a virtual background, and check your settings. 


  • To check the platform is working correctly for you, in any networking area you can click the 'connection issues' button
  • This will test your device in 3 stages: camera and microphone test, messaging connection test and a networking connection test

💡TIP - if your camera and microphone will not connect, this is likely a browser issue. You can allow your camera and microphone by clicking the small padlock (Chrome) or video icon (Firefox) in the top left hand corner next to your URL

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