Networking: Peer to Peer

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Create interactivity and engagement for online participants at your events with our peer to peer networking area. Designed to give attendees the freedom to connect with each other on a one to one basis, or in groups known as "Bubbles".

💡TIP - When using Reattendance, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Finding the peer to peer networking

  • If you are heading to the networking area for the first time, when you click on ‘Networking’ on your navigation bar, it will take you to the schedule. You will need to find the networking session you would like to join in the schedule (as there may be multiple)
  • Select 'Join Event' on the networking session in your schedule
  • Turn your networking switch on (top left hand corner)

Connecting with fellow attendees

  • In the networking area you will see a list of all of the attendees with their networking switch on
  • Simply hover over their icon to view their business card, swap business cards, start a 1-1 chat or start a video call
  • if you swap cards, their details will go to the 'business cards I've collected' section in your dashboard
  • If you request to start a video call, pop in an icebreaker message and give them a call. Their profile will ring and they will either accept or decline
  • If a fellow attendee requests a call with you, your profile will ring and you can accept or decline the call. Once accepted, you are automatically be put in a 1-1 video call with that person


Bubbles explained

  • Once you are connected with another attendee in a 1-1 call, a bubble is formed
  • The person who initiated the call can make their 1-1 bubble private so no one else can join
  • Or, keep the 1-1 bubble open so anyone can request to join your call or you can invite others in
  • All open bubbles will be listed in the bubbles area


  • To check the platform is working correctly for you, in any networking area you can click the 'connection issues' button
  • This will test your device in 3 stages: camera and microphone test, messaging connection test and a networking connection test

💡TIP - if your camera and microphone will not connect, this is likely a browser issue. You can allow your camera and microphone by clicking the small padlock (Chrome) or video icon (Firefox) in the top left hand corner next to your URL

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