Edit Access for Expo Company Team Members

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Read this for tips on how to set up your exhibition stand before the event and how our to use our live exhibitor networking. 

Getting into the event & finding your stand

💡TIP - When using Reattendance, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • Before the event starts, the event organiser will grant you early access to the event
  • Check your emails to find your unique log in link in order to create an account. If you have already created an account, you can login here: https://reattendance.com/login
  • Once logged in, go to your dashboard and join the event
  • Complete your business card on the way in (you can do this at a later date as well).
  • From the event lobby, you can navigate your way around
  • On the right of the lobby there may be pinned key events and sponsorship details. The event chat and any announcements made throughout the event will also show here
  • On the left hand side of the lobby is your navigation bar, here you will find the schedule & expo floor (plus any other areas the event organiser has prepared)
  • Enter the expo floor from your navigation bar and click on your stand

Editing your stand

Inside your stand you will see an edit this page button, click this and start to edit the form

Within your stand, you can add the following information: 

  • Company display name (150 characters)
  • Company description (unlimited customisable HTML box)
  • Company logo (16x9)
  • Company video (Mp4 upload or linked from YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Company Business card details (email address, telephone number, website & tag line)
  • Special Offer Details (unlimited customisable HTML box)
  • Special Offer image (16x9)
  • Special Offer button (customisable link with 50 characters)
  • Downloads Area (unlimited downloads, 5MGB per PDF, each with a customisable download title, download description & download image)

Talk to us live

The talk to us live function enables attendees to request 1-1 video calls with you as the exhibitor. 

Getting set up
  • Turn your networking switch on (very top left of your page) and click into the talk to us live area
  • Go into the area will tell the platform that you are there are available to be called. Once you have done this for the first time, you can then move around the platform freely and you will still be notified if an attendee calls you
How it works
  • After the attendee has browsed your stand, they can click on the talk to us live button to see the available staff to call
  • Attendees simply hover over the staff member to either swap personal business cards, view your business card or request a video call
  • When an attendee requests a video call with you, your profile will ring and a pop up will appear so you can see who is calling you
  • Either accept or decline the call. If you accept, you will be automatically put in a 1-1 video call with the attendee
  • If you decline, the attendee will receive a notification to let them know you are busy and can’t take the call. Once you have declined, you will see the call in your call-backs section so you can call them back
  • Inside calls you can stop camera, mute, share screen and change your virtual background


  • Only have one browser open with Reattendance
  • We recommend testing the 1-1 video calls prior to the event to ensure you do not have any company firewalls which may block you from using this feature. You can arrange this with the event owner directly


  • To check the platform is working correctly for you, in any networking area you can click the 'connection issues' button
  • This will test your device in 3 stages: camera and microphone test, messaging connection test and a networking connection test

💡TIP - if your camera and microphone will not connect, this is likely a browser issue. You can allow your camera and microphone by clicking the small padlock (Chrome) or video icon (Firefox) in the top left hand corner next to your URL

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