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Reattendance stream is an in-built live streaming service. A great way to go live directly to your attendees, without using any third party software.

Creating a Reattendance stream session slayer

  1. Add a new session player 
  2. Enter your chosen session title and description
  3. Select the 'Reattendance Stream' as the session player type 
  4. Choose whether to record the live broadcast 
  5. Choose whether to include a logo with the stream (this will appear in the top left hand corner) 
  6. Upload a session player image
  7. Enter the session date & time 
  8. Select whether the session will be available for replay or not 

Adding your moderator and presenters 


Reattendance stream will always require one moderator. The moderator has access to start and stop the live broadcast and various vision mixing tools.

Please note, the moderator will be seen on screen.

To add a moderator, they must be inside a ticket and they must have been added as an event host.

Your moderator's icon will not appear in the schedule, so if your moderator is also a presenter, make sure they are added in your session player as both.


In the stream, you can allocate up to 5 presenters.

To add a presenter, they must be inside a ticket and they must have been added as an event host.

Your presenters icons will appear in the schedule on the session they are allocated to.

Using Reattendance Stream


As a moderator or presenter, you can access the 'back stage' area of the stream by going into the schedule and joining the relevant session. As a moderator or presenter, you will be granted early access to the event for testing purposes.

  • You can start and stop the broadcast, this button can be found in the top left hand corner
  • You have basic vision mixing tools, such as the option to change the view of the presenters to tile view, or spotlight each presenter when they are talking 
  • You can mute all participants if required, however please note that they will have to unmute themselves, you can’t unmute everyone
  • When you start the live broadcast there is approximately a 3-5 second delay, so wait a few seconds before you start talking to the audience

Testing with your presenters

  • Once you have assigned an attendee access as a presenter or moderator and sent them a joining email, they will be able to access your entire event prior to the start time 
  • You can run a test in the same session player that will be used for the live event, so there will be no confusion for the presenters 
  • We strongly advise arranging time for testing well in advance of the live event, in order to show your presenters how things will work on the day and also to check their internet connection, sound levels and eye levels.


  • Each participant must wear headphones, otherwise there is likely to be feedback which will interrupt the stream  
  • Each participant should make sure their eyeline is a third of the way down the screen 
  • Each participant should make sure that they are not sat in front of a window and that any light is in front of them rather than behind them
  • We recommend that you and your presenters use Google Chrome or Firefox when using Reattendance

If you are having any trouble with your camera or microphone, please make sure your browser is allowing Reattendance to use these. If you are still experiencing problems connecting your camera/video or if you can’t see or hear others, this could be a firewall issue.

Invite to stream

Reattendance stream allows you to invite audience members into the live stream to ask questions, or give opinions etc

  • Only the moderator can invite guests into the stream
  • Open the attendee list on the right hand side navigation bar, underneath the start broadcast button
  • Scroll through the list and click on the chat head of the person you wish to invite
  • Click "invite to stream"

  • The participant will then receive the request to join the stream, which they can either accept, or reject
  • They may need to allow camera and mic, if they haven't already done so
  • Once accepted, their camera and mic will be live in the stream
  • You will be about to "kick" the guest from the stream at any point

💡You will not have control of, or have been able to test, the internet strength of the participant, so you MAY want to plan this in advance.


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