The Main Event Form Explained

Written by Hannah Ward Updated 1 year ago

The Main Event Form is the start of your event build, and top of the event hierarchy.

This is where you'll fill in all the basic information of your event, as well as where you will assign team members to have editing rights to your event.

Here you can also choose how you want your event to look - there are both predefined templates & advanced event graphics to choose from.

Before you can get to the next stage of building your event, there are a few key sections to be completed within the main event form:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Currency
  • Event Type
  • Location Name (if a physical or hybrid event)
  • Location Address (if a physical or hybrid event)
  • Event Timezone
  • Start & End Date/Time
  • Access for Attendees Date
  • Tax Requirements & Refund Policy

Once these mandatory items are completed you can carry on building your event, and complete the rest later.

💡TIP - If you can't yet provide all the information listed above but want to continue building your event, try filling in the blanks with 'TBD'.

Important: Your event will not appear on your Dashboard until you have entered the start and end time/date.


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