The Traffic Light Event Checker

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

The Reattendance Traffic Light Checker, within the event builder, lets you know when you have included all the required content, and that your event is ready to publish.

The event colours work upwards in a hierarchy. For example, if an event session is red, the event group that owns it will also be red, and the overall event will also be red.

When you first create any new block, within the event hierarchy, it will show as red. This means that you a missing vital information. You will also see a red warning triangle icon, which will advise exactly what information you need to add, in order to proceed.

💡TIP - The blue circle icon will make suggestions to enhance your event. These are not mandatory.


As you complete each area of the event, the blocks will change to yellow, which indicates that the event can be published.

Yellow blocks have further recommendations that aren't mandatory, such as adding your own events colours, or perhaps a sponsor.

Once everything is complete, as recommended, the event blocks will turn green, which means you are good to go!

💡TIP - You can still publish your event, if any of the blocks are yellow


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