Publishing Your Event

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Once your event is ready, and all blocks of content are either green or yellow on the traffic light checker, your event is ready to publish.


To publish your event, just switch on the "Publish Event" toggle on the right hand side of the event builder.

Your Event Status will then change from "Not live" to "In Progress".

Publishing your event will allow the public event ticketing/registration page to be accessed, and all invitees will now be able to see the event in their dashboard.

💡TIP - The system will not let you publish your event if any of the event blocks are red. This is protect you, as it means something isn't ready to be viewed by your attendees.

💡TIP - Just because your event has been published, it does not mean that attendees will have automatic access. This is controlled by the attendee access date, in the main event form.