Adding an Expo

Written by Emma Wing Updated 1 year ago

Adding your expo area

  1. Go to your event builder
  2. Use the + icon to add an expo area (you can only add one)
  3. Enter your expo title
  4. Enter your expo description
  5. Enter your expo display name (this will appear on the navigation bar)
  6. Allow expo company staff to see rival expo companies when the event is live? (note - if you allow expo team members to edit their own stands, when they log into the event before it's live, they will only see their own stand)
  7. Upload a main image (this is a 30x9 and it will sit at the top of your expo area. If one is not uploaded, a Reattendance placeholder will be used)
  8. Enter your expo start time and end date. You can have as many expo schedules as you like
  9. Choose your expo stand labels (on each individual Expo Company stand you can choose which labels to use. For example if you wanted to use "Special Deals" as a label instead of Special Offers, just fill in that field)
  10. Add your expo taxonomies (these will help you organise your expo companies into different sections, for example 'wedding planner', 'cake bakers' or perhaps 'gold', 'silver' and 'bronze' if you have sold different sponsor packages. Expo taxonomies are orderable once added (just drag the handles), and each Expo Company can belong to one or more taxonomies, so for example, one specific company could be listed as a Cake Baker and a Dress Maker)

💡TIP - to ensure the high levels of engagement within the expo area, we recommend to only open the expo area for short periods during the live event. Perhaps for an hour in the morning/afternoon and then over coffee breaks/lunch breaks

Adding an expo company

  1. Go to your event builder
  2. Use the + icon next to your event expo to add an expo company (the amount of companies you can add will depend on your subscription plan)
  3. If you are allowing the expo team member to populate their own stand, you will only need to populate the display name, description, and assign a taxonomy. You can also add the company logo so that the exhibitor knows they are in the right place when finding their stand to edit
  4. If you are complete the stand on behalf of your exhibitor, you will need to continue to edit the following:
  5. Logo for the Talk to Us Live section (this is a 30x9 image. A reattendance placeholder image will be used if one is not uploaded)
  6. Upload a company video (this can be an MP4, or a link from Vimeo/YouTube. If the company does not have a video, please upload a company logo into this area)
  7. Upload any company downloads (each download can be up to 5MG and it will require a download title, a download description and a 16x9 image to represent the download)
  8. Company business cards details
  9. Special offer details

Adding an expo team member

  1. To add an expo company team member, you will first need to make sure they are inside either a manual upload or paid ticket. Click here to find out how you can upload attendees into tickets
  2. Once they are inside a ticket, you can add them as an event host from your event host section.
  3. Once they have been added as an event host, go back to your event builder, open the setting cog on the expo company, scroll down and allocate them to the stand
  4. Once you have done this, they will automatically have early access into your event. If you have manually uploaded them into a ticket, you will need to send them an access email, and if they purchased or registered for a ticket via Reattendance, they will already have an account and your event will appear in their dashboard