Hybrid Events

Written by Hugh Edwards Updated 1 year ago

As well as in-person only and online-only events, Reattendance runs hybrid events which have huge benefits to the event owner and the attendees. Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds, and allow both in-person attendees and online attendees to attend your events at the same time.

Features of Hybrid Events: 

  • Free / paid / manual upload ticketing & registration
  • Automatic and scheduled emails for attendees
  • QR codes and QR scanner for door-entry
  • Downloadable QR codes for bespoke badging
  • Event & Attendee Timezones for accurate scheduling, per-attendee
  • Live schedule, always up-to-date with session info, presenters and more
  • Sell tickets & display event schedule on your own website as well as Reattendance
  • In-event announcements
  • Business card swapping
  • In-session polling
  • Event Surveys
  • Bounce links on attendee purchase
  • Attendee chat, event-chat, session Q&A chat.
  • Live and post-event analytics
  • HTML and pre-recorded video events
  • In-built live streaming with Reattendance Stream
  • Invite Attendees into live streams
  • Online Expo with unlimited Expo Companies
  • Poster Events, with unlimited poster presentations
  • Ingest external RTMP feeds
  • Embed iFrames into events
  • Pinned events in Lobby
  • Event splashscreen
  • Single-click join link for attendees
  • Fully white-labelled event with advanced colour options
  • Event Replays
  • Peer-to-peer Networking & Video Calling
  • Pre-definable or attendee-created Networking Rooms
  • Networking Roulette (like video call speed-dating!)
  • Live Event Help
  • ....much, much more. 

💡TIP - Hybrid events require a subscription on Reattendance, but have only 3% commission on paid ticket sales!

Notes about Hybrid Events: 

  • Hybrid events cannot be changed to in-person or hybrid events later, due to being chargeable, and having associated streaming costs. 
  • With hybrid events, you can only sell online, in-person or hybrid tickets. Each different ticket type gives or restricts access to certain features. For example, live-streaming is restricted for in-person tickets but available to hybrid and online tickets.

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