Advanced Event Graphics

Written by Hannah Ward Updated 1 year ago

To get to the Advanced Event Graphics, you’ll need to click the settings cog on the Main Event Block.


At the bottom of the Event Graphics section you’ll see a red box on the right hand side labelled ‘Advanced’. 


Here you have multiple options, including ‘Use Basic Graphics’. However you can also use predefined graphical templates, or even completely customise your live layout to whatever suits you and your event.

Basic Graphics

Click on the Basic Graphics toggle to use the standard layout for your event and limit your customisation. 


Predefined Templates

Turn off the basic graphics toggle. Then click the predefined toggle to on, this gives you a starting point rather than customising your layout from scratch.


Custom Graphics

Turn off both the Basic Graphics toggle and the Predefined Templates toggle, giving you complete control of designing your layout.


💡TIP - For help understanding each option within Advanced Event Graphics, click on the ? Icons.

💡TIP - You can use the predefined templates as a guide to get you started, and then restyle them as you please!

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