At ReAttendance, we only have 2 plans.

A main plan for when you're hosting your virtual events.

And an on hold plan for when you're not, but you still want to keep all your data and settings for next time.

It's as simple as that!

Main Plan On-Hold Plan (Inactive Accounts)
Plans ?PlansWe only have two plans at Reattendance - the Main Plan and the On-Hold Plan. The idea is that if you want to use Reattendance for your events, allow your Attendees to watch Replays, sell your events and so on, you're on the Main Plan. If you want to turn everything off at the end of your subscription but have us still retain all your data, your history and your videos, you can move to our On-Hold Plan which will store everything for you while you're not running events. Price Available On Request Price Available On Request
# Attendees Included ?# Attendees IncludedWith your base subscription this is the number of Attendees (or Expo Team Members) that are included. 100 -
Price Per Additional Attendee ?Price Per Additional AttendeeWe charge a fixed, one-off price per Attendee (or Expo Team Member) who visit your event. This is only charged if you upload the Attendee - if they purchase your event in the marketplace, you are not charged this fee. £0.79 (exc VAT) -
# Events ?# EventsEvents are your top-level main events, be they a conference, a festival, a webinar, an educational summit or an Expo. Unlimited -
# Event Groups ?Event GroupsEvent Groups come underneath Events in the hierarchy. Imagine the whole Event as a conference, then the different tickets you sell (e.g., Friday access, Saturday access, Full-Weekend access) would be your Event Groups. Unlimited -
# Session Players ?The Session Players are your actual individual events, or talks, usually split per hour, but that's up to you. For example, if this were a conference, you would have one Event Player for each event talk you host. Unlimited -
# Stages / Streams ?Session StagesAt Reattendance you can have unlimited stages running concurrently. This means, for example, you could have a small conference running just one stream at a time, or a huge conference running 40 streams at a time! Our scheduling software takes care of the rest and makes it simple to navigate for your Attendees. Unlimited -
Virtual Networking Connections ?Virtual NetworkingAt Reattendance we facilitate unrivalled virtual networking simulating an in-person networking scenario. This is the number of connections allowed. Unlimited -
# Expo Floor Companies ?# Expo Floor CompaniesOur virtual Expo Floor is amazing! Not only does it allow unlimited expo companies, downloads, contacts, business card exchange and special offers, it also allows direct and instant video calls via Reattendance Connect from Attendee to Customer. Unlimited -
Live Event Support ?Live Event SupportYou know your events better than anyone, and Event Support allows your customers to video call your Event Support team instantly with our Reattendance Connect feature! With the base plan, you are the Event Support, and you can add more Team Members as you need them.
Sync Presentations ?PresentationsThis feature allows you to automatically sync your Event Player video or live stream content to presentations, which sit side-by-side on the screen for the Attendees giving an unrivalled user experience.
Resell your Events ?Resell your EventsThis feature allows you to sell your Events, Event Groups or Event Players in our Events Marketplace.
Replay your Events ?Replay your EventsReattendance features automatic Replays of events which have already taken place, with full analytics on how your customers are using them. Virtual Events have a very long lifespan and this feature, coupled with reselling your events give your events a much longer ROI.
Public & Free Events ?Public & Free EventsThis feature allows you to make your Events, Event Groups or Event Players free and publicly available in the Event Marketplace. We can also collect email registrations for you and build your audience which you can then email through our system!
Business Cards ?Business CardsIn in-person events we all exchange business cards to stay in contact with companies and our fellow Attendees. Reattendance also has this feature! Once Attendees or Expo Teams collect cards, they can view them or download them for use in their own CRM's.
Sponsorship Logos ?Sponsorship LogosThis feature allows you to upload and present your Sponsorship logos and links on your Events, Event Groups and Event Players Unlimited -
White Label Reattendance?White Label ReattendanceThis feature allows you to whitelabel any Events, Event Groups and Event Players with your company logo, branding and colours.
Optional 3rd Party Integration ?Optional 3rd Party IntegrationAt Reattendance we have our own streaming and backstage systems for your guests. But, we realise that from time to time you might want to incorporate other platforms to your event, like Zoom, Streamyard, Vimeo and YouTube. As long as your third party supports the RTMP protocol, we can integrate it and have our own, scalable RTMP servers built into the heart of the platform.
Additional Team Members ?Additional Team MembersIf you'd like additional team members to help you create and edit your events, and to man the Event Support desk during showtime, you can purchase them! Price Available On Request -
Additional Data Storage ?Additional Data StorageWith your standard account you recieve 100MB data storage. This should cover you for most graphics and PDF files you upload for your events. If you wish to store more with us, and store large amounts of video replays you can purchase additional storage. Price Available On Request Price Available On Request
(Downgrade to on-hold when needed)


At ReAttendance, we only have 2 plans.

A main plan for when you're hosting your virtual events.

And an on hold plan for when you're not, but you still want to keep all your data and settings for next time.

It's as simple as that!

Main Plan

See Everything Included In The Main Plan


Integrated ReAttendance Comms System

Unlimited Main Stages

Expo Floor

Unlimited Interactive Expo Stands

Interactive Business Cards

Networking Features

Unlimited Number of Events

Main Lobby (1 Per Event)

Box Office

Unlimited Replays

Direct Event Help

Attendee Profiles

Business Card Collection Index

Complete Event Analytics

Unlimited Ticket Access Groups

Additional Data Storage (100MB)*

*1GB Data Upgrade (£19.99 Per PCM Per GB)

Presentation & Slide Sync

Unlimited Pre-Scheduled Meetings

Admin Access Login*

*Additional Admin Access Logins (£9.99 Per User PCM)

Attendee & Expo Staff Members (0.79p Per User)

Company Branding

Sponsorship Branding

On Hold

See Everything Included In The On Hold Plan

Keeps Integrated ReAttendance Comms System Active

Keeps All Main Stages Active

Saves Expo Floor

Saves All Interactive Expo Stands

Saves Interactive Business Cards

Saves Networking Features

Saves All Your Events

Keeps Main Lobby Active (1 Per Event)

Keeps Box Office Active

Saves Replays

Keeps All Direct Event Help Active

Saves Attendee Profiles

Saves Business Card Collection Index

Saves All Event Analytics

Saves Ticket Access Groups

Saves Data Storage (100MB)*

*1GB Data Upgrade (£19.99 Per PCM Per GB)

Saves Presentations & Synced Slides

Saves Pre-Scheduled Meetings

Saves Admin Access Login*

*Additional Admin Access Logins (£9.99 Per User PCM)

Saves All Attendee & Expo Staff Members

Saves Company Branding

Saves Sponsorship Branding

Downgrading to On Hold plan is available once you're signed up with the Main Plan

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