Event: Opera Scenes by Eves Sanders - Soprano

EVES SANDERS - SOPRANO - Enjoy watching Opera Scenes from the most celebrated Operas with recordings from the Garden and at home. The simple set up at home shed light to the living space as a stage.... Eves Sanders - Soprano has performed at prestigious venues including: The Royal Ascot, The Royal Albert Hall, The British Museum and at Hoxton Hall. Supporting the Charity Suited & Booted - Registered Charity No. 1149229. Suited & Booted helps vulnerable men with a suit and interview advice ahead of their job interviews.

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Eves Sanders / Soprano - OPERA SCENES - In Aid of Suited & B...Eves Sanders / Soprano - OPERA SCENES - In Aid of Suited & Booted. Watch vibrant Opera Scene's performed in a refreshing set-up in the Garden and the Living Room. Have you not got any SHOES? The challenging conditions of Covid 19 affect the poor and the unemployed the most and we are shedding light to the wonderful support that Suited & Booted provide to the vulnerable. Suited & Booted Registered Charity No.1149229