Monthly Subscription Plan

£79.99 exc VAT / month with a 3-month free trial and a £239.97 sign-up fee

The Reattendance Standard Plan: 

Sign up for our Subscription Plan to get you started and monetising your Events! The Subscription plan contains a detailed tutorial on how to setup your Events, Event Groups and Event Players in Reattendance and how to monetise your Events and get them out to your Attendees.

Included with the Subscription Plan: 

  • Upload up to 100 Attendees
  • Upload up to 100Mb graphics and presentations
  • Sync your presentations with your Event Player for seamless playback of video & presentation content for your Attendees!
  • Monetise your Events with our PayGates (Reattendance will take 7% commission plus credit card fees on ticket sales)

NB, the signup fee indicates the minimum 3-month term, and then the membership continues monthly after that.