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How to Use Slide Sync to Match Up Your Video to Your Presentations


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In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how you can quickly sync up your slides with your talks, using the Slide Sync tool at ReAttendance.

Slide Sync allows your attendees to easily follow all of your talks using on screen slides taken straight from the original presentation’s slides, and the best news is, it only takes a few minutes to do.

You can either watch the video below, or scroll down for full written instructions for how to use Slide Sync to match up your video to your presentation slides.


Video: How To Use Slide Sync To Match Up Your Talks And Slides



Tutorial: How To Use Slide Sync To Match Up Your Talks And Slides

At its heart, Slide Sync allows you to sync up your slides with your talks, but there’s loads of other great features to it that make it a must for hosting a great virtual event.

By syncing up your slides, you make it easier to engage your attendees, allowing them to make notes and download the slides themselves, giving them even more value from your talks.

And Slide Sync makes it easier than ever for your attendees to find their place in your talks. Viewers can click on any slide in the talk and they will be instantly taken to that segment in the video. Now it’s easier than ever for your attendees to pause a video halfway through and pick up where they left off without clicking around the video and getting frustrated that they’ve lost their place.

So now you know the benefits of using Slide Sync, let’s look at the 7 steps to syncing your own slides with your talks.


Step 1 – Create Your Talk In ReAttendance

We’ll assume at this point that you’ve set up your event and are now ready to start uploading your talks and getting your slides synced up with them.

You can’t sync up slides without a talk, so the first step is to get your talk uploaded.


Start by heading to your “My Players” section of your event dashboard and clicking the “+” symbol at the bottom of your list of talks in order to add a new talk.

You can complete this part quickly by simply filling in all the details you need, such as your title and description of the talk, connecting it to the correct event and selecting the group you want it to be available for.

Once you’ve done all of that, then click the add button and your talk will now exist and be ready to have your slides synced up with it.


Step 2 – Set Up Your Talk As A Video With Slides

Once your talk is set up, the next thing you’ll need to do is find it in your talk list. Whenever you create a talk, it will show up as the first entry in your “My Players” list.

You then simply need to click your talk and then you can edit the details.



From here you can edit your talk’s name and description as before, but now you can also select how you want your talk to be displayed.

We go into details of how you can set up your talk as a video or just an audio podcast in another tutorial, but for now, we’re interested in setting our talk up as a “Video & Presentation (Synced)” – which allows you to add slides to your video talk.


Step 3 – Select The Video You Want To Use As Your Talk

Once you select the “Set up as Video & Presentation (Synced)” option, you’ll now be given the option to upload or add a video to use as your talk.

You can either add a video from Vimeo or Youtube, or you can upload a video to ReAttendance directly to use as your talk’s video.



Follow the instructions on screen and when your video is added, you can then upload your slides.


Step 4 – Upload Your Slides

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can now upload your slides.

Below the video upload options, click the “Add PDF from” button and then upload your talk’s slides onto ReAttendance.

If you’re using the same slides for multiple videos, then your slides will be saved to ReAttendance and you can simply select them from a list of previously uploaded slides below.



Always make sure that your slides are saved as a “PDF” file type and not as a powerpoint or else they will not upload correctly.


Step 5 – Double Check Everything And Then Start Slide Sync Setup

Now that you’ve uploaded your video and your slides, take a moment to double check that you’ve set up everything correctly.



Firstly, you should have a video selected in the top right hand corner of your setup screen.

Secondly, you should have your slide PDF selected in the bottom right hand corner of your setup screen.

You can check either by clicking on the file or selecting “Preview Player”. If you have made a mistake and uploaded the wrong file, then simply click the bin icon and repeat the appropriate steps.

However, once you’re happy with everything, then simply click “Slide Sync Setup” to begin.


Step 6 – Sync Your Slides To Your Talk

You will now find yourself on your Slide Sync editing area.

Everything you need to quickly sync your slides and talk is right here and you’ll be a master of it within a few minutes of practice.

How it works is simple:


Preview Your Talk And Slides

In this edit screen you can preview both your talk and slides at the top of the screen, making it easy to see what you’re working with at all times.



Your talk video is visible in the top left hand corner.

Your slides are shown in the top right hand corner.

You can use the arrows on the slide section preview to select the slide that you want to work with.


How To Navigate In Your Video

Navigating your video can be done in 3 different ways and each is very simple.



  1. You can click along the blue bar to navigate along your video’s timeline.
  2. You can click the + or – buttons in order to skip through the video with preset time jumps.
  3. You can manually enter the exact time in the video you want to go to and then click the “Go To Time” button.


Marking Your Slides To Your Video

Marking your slides is as simple as skipping to the part of the video where you want your slide to begin showing and then marking it to start at that point in the video.

This is achieved with 4 simple steps:

  1. Skip along your timeline to the point where you need to mark a slide as changing.
  2. Use the arrows in your slide preview to select the slide you want to display
  3. Click the “Mark Slide” button underneath the timeline.
  4. You’ll know if the slide has been marked, because a number detailing which slide is on display will show on the timeline.



How To Edit And Repeat Slides

From time to time you might put a slide at the wrong time, or your speaker might refer back to a previous slide, which you will want to display.

This is how you solve both of those issues.

If at any time you want to delete a slide and try again, then simply hover over the number on the timeline and an X will appear. Simply click that and the slide will be deleted from your timeline.

Slides can also be used more than once, so if you ever need to go back to a slide to show it again, then simply return to a previous slide in your slide preview window and then mark it on your timeline by clicking the “Mark Slide” button. When everything is synced, your previous slide will simply show up at the relevant spot, just as if your speaker has flicked back to it, in order to return to a previous point.


Using Slide Sync Is Simple And Takes Just Minutes

Hopefully by now, you are an expert on how to use Slide Sync to quickly and effortlessly sync up your slides.

By simply clicking through yourm video’s timeline and paying attention to where your slides should change, with just a few clicks you can completely recreate your entire presentation, with slides and resources so easy to follow, that your attendee could be in the very same room as your talk host.

Enjoy Slide Sync and feel free to watch our tutorial video or read our written instructions as often as you like for a refresher on how to match up your videos with your presentations using Slide Sync.

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