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How To Set Up A RTMP Player With Streamyard on ReAttendance

RTMP ReAttendance StreamYard Tutorial

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Video: How To Set Up A RTMP Player With Streamyard on ReAttendance



In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how you can set up one an RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) on a ReAttendance player, using Streamyard.

Many ReAttendance users love using Streamyard as their preferred method to broadcast their event’s content. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can easily live stream on ReAttendance using Streamyard via an RTMP player.

As always, you can either watch the video above, or read our written instructions below.


Tutorial: How To Set Up A RTMP Player With Streamyard on ReAttendance


Step 1: Head to your Event Owner dashboard in ReAttendance and then select “My Sessions Players” (previously called Event Players) in the menu down the left hand side.



Step 2: Create a new player by clicking the “+” button at the bottom of your list of players.

As usual, fill in all of your player’s details and then click the “add” button to create it in your player list.



Step 3: Now go and find your player in the list (it will be at the very top) and click it again to edit some more details.

In the player type, select the drop down list and then select “RTMP (External Source) Player”.



Step 4: Continue scrolling down your player’s options and you’ll find your RTMP Links. These are the links you’ll need to enter on Streamyard’s side to let it know where to send your stream.

In this instance, you’ll need your “RTMP Server Address” and your “RTMP Stream Key”. The “Full Stream Link” is simply a combination of the previous 2 links and isn’t required by Streamyard.

For now, simply have them available as you’re going to need to copy these 2 links over into Streamyard later. You can either copy and paste them manually, or click the “copy link” button to the side of each one.



Step 5: In a seperate tab, head over to Streamyard and login to your account.

In your streamyard dashboard, you’ll need to head over to the “Destinations” tab and then select “Add a Destination”.



Step 6: You’ll then be presented with a list of popular streaming services and options you can connect your Streamyard broadcast to.

Click the “Custom RTMP” option to continue.



Step 7: You’ll now need to enter your “RTMP Server URL” (Server Address) and your “Stream Key” from your ReAttendance player.

Once you’ve copied those 2 links in, you then simply have to give your stream a nickname that you’ll remember and then click “Add RTMP Server”.



Step 8: You’ll be taken back to your main Streamyard dashboard and if everything has worked, you’ll receive this notification.

Now you simply need to head to the “Broadcasts” section and then click “Create a Broadcast”.



Step 9: You’ll then be presented with all of the destinations that you’ve set up in the past.

All you need to do is select the destination that you just made and then add a title for your broadcast. Then simply click “Create Broadcast”.



Step 10: Your Streamyard broadcast will begin right away. You’ll find yourself at the usual preview area where you can set what camera and microphone you want to use for your broadcast, as well as setting your username.

Once you’re happy with your settings, click “Enter Broadcast Studio”.



Step 11: In your broadcast studio, you simply need to add yourself to your stream, as well as any other guests you’ll be having on.

Once you’re all happy with everything, it’s time to go live. Simply head up to the right hand corner and click “Go Live” and then confirm to start broadcasting right away.

Your ReAttendance player will then catch the stream and broadcast everything from Streamyard.



Feel free to check out more of our tutorials to help you build and design your perfect virtual or hybrid event using ReAttendance.

Good luck!

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