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How To Set Up Virtual Expo Stands As An Event Host On ReAttendance

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Setting up your virtual expo has never been easier.

ReAttendance provides you with two ways to set up your virtual expo and stands.

As the event host, you can do the complete setup on behalf of your exhibitors. Or alternatively, you can simply create your exhibitor’s accounts and let them set up their virtual expo stands themselves, just like the real thing.

In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how event hosts can do the intial set up of a virtual expo stand, or go ahead and completely set up a virtual expo stand in its entirety.

This tutorial will also help you understand what goes into building a virtual expo stand, so you can be sure to ask all of your exhibitors for the correct information to get their stands up and running as quickly as possible.


Tutorial: How To Set Up Virtual Expo Stands As An Event Host On ReAttendance


Step 1: Head to your Event Host Dashboard and then click into “My Expo Groups”, which can be found in the left hand menu.


Step 1 - Head to event host dashboard


Step 2: If you’re starting from scratch, you won’t have any exhibitor stands in this area yet. So let’s create some.

Click the “+” button to add an exhibitor.


Step 2 - Head to Expo Groups


Step 3: To create an exhibitor, all you need to do is write the company name and then select the event that they are involved in.

Once you have completed these 2 steps, click the “Save” button.

Your initial setup is now complete if your exhibitors wish to enter their virtual expo stand details for themselves.

All you would have to do at this point is simply upload your exhibitors details to your event and then they can edit their expo right away.

However, let’s go ahead and take a look at the whole process as if you as an event host were setting up your exhibitor’s stand.


Step 3 - Add Company details


Step 4: Now that your company is created, it’s time to edit it.

You can edit a company’s information by clicking on the company itself.

Alternatively, if you wish to continue adding exhibitors, then simply click the “+” again and a continue adding exhibitors before you go ahead and edit their details.


Step 4 - Company created


Step 5: When you edit an expo stand, the first section you’ll have to edit is the “Expo Company Main Details”.

In this section you will be able to edit their company name and change the event they are allocated to as before.

However, this time you will also be able to add their company trailer or explainer video using a YouTube or Vimeo link.

Additionally, you can also now enter a complete company information blurb to fully explain what this company does.


Step 5 - Edit Company Details


Step 6: Scrolling down the page, you will then find the “Expo Company Group Settings”.

In this section, you can select an Expo Taxonomy.

If you are categorising your expo up into services, this is where you would enter that information.

As an example, if we were hosting a Wedding Conference, I might want to split my expo floor up into companies that sold wedding dresses and companies that sold wedding cakes. In this instance, the “Expo Taxonomy” might be ‘wedding cakes’ or ‘wedding dresses’.


Step 6 - Taxonomy


Step 7: Scrolling down, you’ll find the next section is “Expo Company Business Card Details”.

This section relates to the information that will be displayed on your exhibitor’s virtual business card which attendees can take a copy of from their virtual expo stand.

Simply update the company email, telephone, website and tagline in order to complete this section.


Step 7 - Business Card Details


Step 8: In the next section, you can add “Expo Company Special Offers”.

Here is where you can add a description and image to entice attendees into signing up for a special exclusive discount on the exhibitor’s products or services.

Please note, that any special offer images must be sized at 400px x 200px to display correctly.


Step 8 - Expo Company Special Discounts


Step 9: In the final section of the expo stand setup, you’ll find the “Expo Company Downloads”.

This is where you can upload documents such as brochures or lead gen resources that attendees can download directly from your exhibitor’s virtual stand.

You can add a new document by pressing the “+” button. You can add as many documents as you like.

However, if you’re all done, then simply click the “Save” button to save the exhibitor’s details.


Step 9 - Downloads and save


Step 10: Once you’re all set up, you can head over to the “Expo” area of your virtual event to see the entire expo floor.

If you cannot see any expo stands that you’ve added here, then go back and see if you’ve properly saved your expo groups.

Otherwise, simply get in touch with your ReAttendance support advisor, use our live chat or email us at support@reattendance.com for help.

If your expo stands are all here, then you can go ahead and upload your expo team member’s details to your attendees list. When they come online, they will now have access to their expo stand, which they can also edit for themselves to tweak any final details.


Step 10 - Check Expo Floor


Step 11: It’s all set up!

If everything has gone well, then your virtual expo stands should all be set up and look something like the below example.

We hope this has not only helped you understand how to set up an expo stand, but also see what details you require from your exhibitors, so that you can set up their virtual stands with little to no hassle.




Feel free to check out more of our tutorials to help you learn all there is to know about using ReAttendance as an event host, and don’t hesitate to use the “Live Chat” feature which you can activate by clicking the orange button in the bottom left hand corner of any main page, if you have a specific question or query.

Good luck at your expo!

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