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How To Manage Event Help & Support For Your Virtual Event

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Video: How To Manage Event Help & Support For Your Virtual Event



As the event support at your virtual event, you need to know how to run your support effectively in order to help your attendees right away whenever they run into an issue or need any updates about your event.

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at every aspect of your event help and support, so your team can make sure your event run smoothly.

There are 4 unique parts to event help. Feel free to skip to each part that is relevant to you.

  • Part 1: Logging Into Your Event Help
  • Part 2: Using The Live Chat & Callback Features
  • Part 3: Using The Event Support Chat
  • Part 4: Using Event Wide Announcements


Tutorial: How To Manage Event Help & Support For Your Virtual Event


Part 1: Getting Into Event Help

Step 1: After you have been added as a team member to an event, you will need to log into your event via your “Attendee Dashboard“.


General - Step 1 - Log Into Attendee Dashboard


Step 2: Once you’re in your attendee dashboard, scroll down until you reach your “Live Scheduled Events”. Here you will find all of your upcoming or active events.

Simply click the event name and you’ll taken straight to the event.

If your event is not here, then doublecheck that you have been properly added to the event as an attendee or team member.


General - Step 2 - Enter Event


Step 3: Once you have accessed the event, you’ll then need to click the “Event Help” tab, which will take you to the Event Help area. It is here where you can conduct absolutely every aspect of your customer support throughout your event.

There are 3 unique aspects of the event help section:

  1. Live Chat & Callbacks
  2. Event Support Chat
  3. Event Announcements

In the following parts, we will look at each aspect in turn and show you how they combine to give you full oversight and control over your virtual event and your attendees.


General - Step 3 - Head to event help section



Part 2: How To Use Live Chat & Callbacks

Step 1: The live video chat feature is the fastest and most direct way for your attendees to get in touch with you.

Once you are logged into your event, you will be automatically available for attendees to contact.

In the below image, you’ll see the platform from an attendee’s perspective. As you can see, we have one team member logged in and therefore one team member is available for our attendees to chat to.

Attendees simply have to click the team member’s name in order to notify them of a video chat request.


Live Chat - Step 1 - Attendee View


Step 2: From your (team member) perspective, you will receive this notification when an attendee intiates a video chat.

You can send them a quick message, connect or reject the call.

If you connect with the attendee, then it will take a few seconds for you to both be connected.


Live Chat - Step 2 - Team Member View


Step 3: Once you’re connected, both yourself and the attendee can talk over a live video chat.

Once the attendee’s issue is resolved, you can click “Leave Call” to return to the event and be available to chat with the next attendee.


Live Chat - Step 3 - Live Video Chat


Step 4: If no member of your support team are available, then attendees can click a button on the live chat which allows them to “Request A Callback”.

Any callback requests will show up in the “Callback” tab to the right of your event help screen.

As long as the attendee is still logged into ReAttendance, you can click their name and you will be automatically connected via a video chat with them.

Once you’ve resolved the attendee’s issue, you can click the red cross to remove them from your callback list.


Live Chat - Step 4 - Callback Requests



Part 3: How To Use Event Support Chat

Step 1: The Event Support Chat is a text chat which allows anyone currently on the “Event Help” area to communicate.

Through Event Support Chat, you can talk to your fellow team members, while also helping out attendees who might have smaller issues which don’t require a video chat.

The Event Support Chat is seperate to the wider event chat, so any messages sent in the “Event Support Chat” will only be related to event support.


Event Chat - Step 1 - How It Works


Part 4: How To Use Event Announcements

Step 1: From time to time, you might want to update your attendees on certain changes going on at your event. You might add a new piece of content, or need to delay a presentation.

Announcements gives you the ability to instantly communicate with every single attendee at once.

All you need to do to create an annoucement is imply click the “Announcement” tab on the right hand side of the “Event Help” area.

You can then enter your announcement into the text box and then click add. This will automatically broadcast your announcement to every single attendee.

All of your announcements will remain in this text box, so your attendees can check in and see if there are any announcements they may have missed. You can also delete announcements at any time using the “Delete Announcement” button found underneath each announcement, to remove any announcements which are no longer relevant.


Announcements - Step 1 - Adding and deleting event announcements


Step 2: The image below depicts what the attendee sees when you send an announcement.

Every announcement you send will display in full to your attendees, making it extremely easy to update your attendees to any changes going on at your event.


Announcements - Step 2 - Alerting attendees to your announcements
Feel free to check out more of our tutorials to help you learn all there is to know about using ReAttendance as an event host, and don’t hesitate to use the “Live Chat” feature which you can activate by clicking the orange button in the bottom left hand corner of any main page, if you have a specific question or query.

Good luck on running an amazing virtual or hybrid event!

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