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How To Login To Your Virtual Event As An Existing Attendee

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Video: How To Login To Your Virtual Event As An Existing Attendee



As an existing attendee of a ReAttendance virtual event, you’ve most likely gone through the event sign in process before.

But just in case you need a small reminder of how logging into an event for the first time works, this tutorial will help you understand everything in just 4 simple steps.

Of course, if you’ve never used ReAttendance at all and have been invited to a virtual event hosted on ReAttendance for the first time, then our tutorial on logging into an event for new attendees is what you’re looking for.


Tutorial: How To Login To Your Virtual Event As An Existing Attendee


Step 1: After you have been added as an attendee to an event by your event hosts, you’ll immediately receive an email inviting you to the event.

Each email is branded with the event’s logos and information, so you’ll always know which event you’ve been invited by.

If you’ve purchased your ticket to your event, don’t worry if there is a delay in your email reaching you. All attendees are usually added within a day of the event starting, or within a few hours of purchasing if you purchase on the day of / or after the event itself.

Once you receive your email, all you need to do is click “Access The Event” in order to get started.


Step 1 - Receive Email from your event


Step 2: You’ll be directed to your Attendee Dashboard, which you will likely have already seen and customised if you’re an existing ReAttendance user.

Here you can edit your digital business card and change any information on your profile before the event starts.


Step 2 - Head to your attendee dashboard


Step 3: By scrolling down, you will find the “Live Scheduled Events” area of your dashboard. If you are attending an event live, this is where you will find your event.

If you can’t see your event in this list, then get in contact with either your event host or click the orange live chat button in the right hand corner, to be connected with the ReAttendance team, who can access the issue for you.


Step 3 - Enter Live Event from Dashboard



Step 4: Once your event is completed, or if you’ve purchased a ticket to an event after it has gone live, then you can scroll down to your “Unscheduled Events” section of your attendee dashboard.

Here you will find replays of content and presentations from your event if the event host has allowed for the content to be available past the event dates.


Step 4 - Remember to check unscheduled events for replays

Feel free to check out more of our tutorials to help you learn all there is to know about using ReAttendance as an attendee, and don’t hesitate to use the “Live Chat” feature which you can activate by clicking the orange button in the bottom right hand corner of any main page, if you have a specific question or query.

Good luck on running an amazing virtual or hybrid event!

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