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How To Change Your Timezone In ReAttendance As An Attendee

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As an attendee, you can join virtual events from anywhere in the world.

Because of that, you’re going to want to know when certain events start and end on your own local time, not the timezone where the event is being hosted.

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how you can change your timezone and change your event timetable to your own local time.


Tutorial: How To Change Your Timezone In ReAttendance As An Attendee


Step 1: Head to your attendee dashboard.

If you have purchase access to a live event, then you will see all of your “Live Scheduled Events” presented at the top of your dashboard, above any other events you have purchased.

You will notice in the top right hand corner, that a timezone will be displayed.

By default this timezone is always set in relation to UTC or GMT, and will always display the timezone that the event holder has set for their event.

In this example that is UTC +01:00, which is British Summer Time as this example is a British event.


Step 3 - Head To Attendee Dashboard


Step 2: Click on the timezone and you will be presented with a drop down list of every available timezone.

All you have to do is select the timezone that you are in, relative to UTC.

You can quickly find this out by using an online timezone converter if you don’t know that off hand.


Step 5 - Change Timezone


Step 3: Once you’ve selected a timezone (in this case UTC +08:00), you’ll notice that the times of the “Live Schedule Event” will update to show your local time.


Step 6 - Times Have Changed For Event


If you head into the live event and search for individual talks, you’ll find that everything going on at the event is now displayed in your own local time, so you can easily see when things start and end at a glance.


Step 7 - Times Have Changed For Event Groups


With just a click, you can customise any live event schedule to your own timezone, to make sure you never miss a single thing.


Feel free to check out more of our tutorials to help you learn all there is to know about using ReAttendance as an attendee, and don’t hesitate to use the “Live Chat” feature which you can activate by clicking the orange button in the bottom left hand corner of any main page, if you have a specific question or query.

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