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8 Simple Steps to Your Event


Livestream your event and then upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo and connect them to ReAttendance.

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Create your event online, splitting up your videos into individual days. Exactly how they were at the event.

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Connect your videos to each powerpoint presentation.

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You maintain control over who has access to each of the talks at your event.

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Sell access to your online event over and over again.

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Whitelabel and customise the site with your company logos, colours and sponsors.

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Instant data and analytics on who is watching your videos.

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Your audience can enjoy your event in the way that is most convenient to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ReAttendance free to use?

ReAttendance is free to use to host a single event and use basic features to get your event started, but we have 3 other pricing tiers if you want to hold extra events, split up your events into more groups or customise your event further with your branding. You can find all pricing information on our pricing page.

How many videos can I make available to my attendees on ReAttendance at once?

We offer 4 different pricing tiers and each comes with a different amount of Players (livestreams or replays) that you can host. For more information check out our Pricing page!

Is there a tutorial to use ReAttendance?

That's precisely what our free version is for. If you want to host larger events but want to try ReAttendance first, then you can sign up for a free version of the software to experiment with. We also have a blog and tutorial area to teach you everything you need to know as you use the platform. You can then upgrade at anytime.

What video hosts can I connect ReAttendance to?

At present, we only allow ReAttendance to connect to YouTube and Vimeo as these are the most popular services and offer free high quality video hosting. 

How do I sync my slides up with my videos?

There is a video tutorial that walks you through this once you login, but using SlideSync is very easy. After uploading your video, you can upload your related slides. You can then sync them up to your video, slide-by-slide. This is a quick process of selecting the time at which the slide should be displayed and allows for users to easily navigate through your videos using your slides.

If my video content is on YouTube/Vimeo, how do I restrict it so it's only available inside the ReAttendance paywall?

Each video hosting site has its own methods of restriction; with Vimeo you can restrict embedded playback to individual websites...just select and then your videos will only play inside for your attendees. YouTube has less options for this, but select the video to be Unlisted and the videos will not appear in YouTube search. We would recommend using Vimeo with ReAttendance.

Is ReAttendance available for academic lectures?

Yes! ReAttendance has been built to be flexible for any variety of event, whether that’s a conference or series of lectures. The categorisation system we’ve built allows you to split videos up into different event groups, so you could split up your academic lectures up by subject, difficulty or class depending on your needs.

Can I sell my ReAttendance event?

You are completely free to sell tickets to your ReAttendance event with the Standard Plan and above. You can sell tickets using your own system or on ReAttendance itself to grant access to your ReAttendance event. You can select whether you want your event to be free or paid access, and even whether you want it to be publicly available in our Event Marketplace.

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