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The AFISHAL Team Are Bringing Virtual Events To Life With Bespoke Productions

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The team at AFISHAL are bringing virtual events to life with bespoke productions that allow you to truly take advantage of your new online stage.

The AFISHAL team specialise in creating sleek and attention grabbing productions to add energy to your online events. Whether you’re after something simple like animated transitions, custom graphics, promotional materials or an antimated logo; all the way to an entire DJ set – the AFISHAL team can create a truly enthralling production that is built and customised to match your brand and message.



The Team At AFISHAL Have Worked With Global Icons

The AFISHAL team have worked with a huge array of international clients on creative PR events and stunts. Just some of their previous clients include: Volkswagen, JW Marriott, Oracle, The Gadget Show and Red Bull, to name just a few.

The team at AFISHAL have tackled everything from awards events, to creating an animated racing game based on footage captured of the ROFGO Supercar Collection across 6 countries over 18 months…whatever the size of the project, the team are there to bring 100% of their creativity and focus.



The Importance of Making Your Virtual Event Stand Out

A sense of quality and production value is one of the toughest things that event hosts struggle to bring over from their in-person events to their virtual events.

Stay Home Join the party AFISHALWithout the atmosphere of a room filled with your attendees bringing energy to an event and the lack of your own personalised touches to the decor of your  event’s venue, an online virtual event can really suffer.

The AFISHAL team’s strength is that they recapture that same ambience that can be so easily lost when your attendees are joining in from their own home. A virtual event needs to be a high quality and eye grabbing broadcast, with good production values that totally immerse your audience.

ReAttendance has already seen the AFISHAL team’s incredible work on the virtual events that have been hosted on the ReAttendance platform and it’s this introduction of high quality production values which are slowly giving virtual and hybrid events a greater demand from the public, as they begin to discover the potential that a truly immersive online experience can hold for them.

If you want to learn more about the AFISHAL team and how they can bring your virtual event to life, then don’t hesitate to check out their Virtual Events offerings and get in touch with the AFISHAL team to dream up your next virtual event.

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